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Jon is owner of Jon Faulkner Pottery creating all of his handthrown and hand built designs onsite as a resident potter at the Bermuda Clayworks Studios. He primarily works in salt glaze stoneware and his personally designed kiln is fired solely on recycled waste vegetable oil from the local restaurants. His functional art are conversation pieces drawn from a broad inspiration of everyday industrial elements to the historic ornate.  Jon has created a replica of one of the Bellarmine Jugs found on the 1609 'Sea Venture' shipwreck, historic for its survivors being the first Bermuda settlers.  Also popular is Jon's porcelain work - currently offering two sizes of "ocean bowls" with a shell motif in the Bermuda ocean colours.
 See www.jonfaulknerpottery.com of visit his facebook page for more images and details on the salt glaze firing process.

JonFaulknerpottery/JFstackofbowls.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFspikeyteapotandmug.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFspikeyfruitbowl.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFrollandsoupsetwithsaltglazedhandlespoon.jpg
JonFaulknerpottery/JFplacesetting.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFnewstylewinecooler.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFnarrowvases.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFcoffeeandcreamerset.jpg
JonFaulknerpottery/JFbluesquarevase.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/JFarchitecturalfruitbowl.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/Tiltedjugs.jpg JonFaulknerpottery/Canteloupebowl.jpg



 Aubrey is one of the full time resident potters . Her line of work is primarily medium fired stoneware in white and buff clay bodies. 

She throws and handbuilds her plates, mugs, bowls, goblets and vases to create unique contemporary shapes for her functional pieces.  

Her forms have strong sculptural elements married with warm rich and opalescent glazes that give her a signature style. 

Her most popular and current collection has become known as the Bermuda Beach Collection. 

These shell shaped bowls and plates are glazed in a matte creamy base glaze with that touch of pink hue of Bermuda sand

 & rimmed in a seafoam green and turquoise gloss glaze reminiscent of the sea as it meets the shore. 

Aubrey's work is available exclusively at the Bermuda Clayworks Gallery.

AubreyHardy/Aubreyswork.jpg AubreyHardy/AHCeramics.jpg AubreyHardy/Bdabeachcollection.jpg AubreyHardy/AHcollection.jpg
AubreyHardy/ah8.jpg AubreyHardy/ah2.jpg AubreyHardy/ah3.jpg AubreyHardy/ah9.jpg
AubreyHardy/SDC12885a.jpg AubreyHardy/SDC12876a.jpg




Suzie is a mixed media Bermudian artist who was raised in Africa and has travelled extensively to countries whose influences can be seen in her work - such as Turkey and Mexico.  Her ceramic work is primarily in terracotta and terracotta paper clay and she is well known for her detailed and eclectic wall hangings which will incorporate other elements such as driftwood, metal and semiprecious stones.  She offers Bermuda themed terracotta 3D cottage motif wall hangings, African inspired mixed media masks and her latest creations are nautical themed chimes and mobiles on white clay in brightly coloured glazes.  

SuzieLoweceramics/suzie8.jpg SuzieLoweceramics/suzie3.jpg SuzieLoweceramics/suzie2.jpg SuzieLoweceramics/suzie1.jpg
SuzieLoweceramics/suzie0.jpg SuzieLoweceramics/049.jpg SuzieLoweceramics/suziewallhanging2.jpg
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Helle's hand builds and throws white earthenware serving bowls, platters, wall hangings and clocks all handpainted in a folk art style of Bermuda themes such as the island's flora & fauna and Bermuda scenes of sailboats, palm trees, pastel cottages and white rooftops.  Her most popular design is Bermuda Moongate - the architectural Bermudian feature so popular as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for newlyweds. 

Helle/seahorseplatterbyhelle.jpg Helle/bdarooftops.jpg Helle/bdamoongate.jpg




Sundee is the owner of Bermuda Clayworks which she operates as a collective along with the other independent artists.  She has a small team of dedicated staff, Laura as  full time assistant who does the BC pottery slip casting along with all other aspects of the studio and gallery, Malcolm who has been with the company for 15 years does the jolleyed tableware and Chai who is our most recent staff and works as an independent artist painting the customized housesigns.   Sundee creates and paints all of the tableward designs and continues to paint the customized sign orders, however, with the help of such a loyal and talented team she has found time to pursue her own line of simple thrown pots.   These have become known as "Sun Bowls" - each one painted in intricate designs representing the sun, sea, sunflowers and symbols - all in a deep cobalt blue.   Her other passion is sculpting which she has finally had the chance to explore - but as yet it is purely for personal satisfaction and not for commercial purposes. 

Sundee/SDC12960.jpg Sundee/SDC12963.jpg Sundee/BlueGreybowl.jpg Sundee/Ambergourd.jpg
Sundee/sun.jpg Sundee/2sundeenewspaper.jpg Sundee/2sundeenews6.jpg Sundee/2sundeenews5.jpg
Sundee/2sundeenews3.jpg Sundee/2sundeenews2.jpg Sundee/Readbetweenthelines2.jpg Sundee/Artofconversation1.jpg
Sundee/118.jpg Sundee/115.jpg Sundee/114.jpg Sundee/113.jpg
Sundee/112.jpg Sundee/111.jpg Sundee/108.jpg Sundee/109.jpg